Rural Municipality of Foam Lake #276



     The RM of Foam Lake is located at the southeast of the Quill Lakes, bordering the south shore of Fishing Lake.

    Our population is 594 people on the farms and acreages in the municipality and in the Hamlet of Tuffnell.

     The land is good for growing crops and livestock and our agriculture is mixed farms with grain, cattle, bison and other livestock. 

     Highway #16 runs thru our RM, providing very good access to and from our area. Highway 16 is a major east-west highway serving many of the cities of Western Canada.

     The Town of Foam Lake, located on Highway 16 near the center of our municipality, is the largest town in the area and has most of the services that our people need.

     Knights of Columbus Regional Park on Fishing Lake is also part of our RM.



     Our office is located on Cameron Street in Foam Lake and our shop is located on Churchill Road.

Office hours are Monday to Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
Our administrator is Tina Douglas and our clerk is Julie Pendlebury.
Council meets here the second Wednesday of every month.
RM of Foam Lake office

Our reeve is Chris Gislason 
Our councillors are:
Ken Kaban
Grant Faye
Kelvin Holowaty
Jane Karakochuk
Rod McLean
Larry Altman

The Saskatchewan Municipal Affairs website has information about municipal government.

Here is a map of Saskatchewan showing the location of all the rural municipalities.


Rural Municipality of Foam Lake #276
Tina Douglas, Administrator
340 Cameron Street
PO Box 490
Foam Lake, Sask.
S0A 1A0

Phone 306-272-3334
Fax 306-272-4722