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About Kandahar


     Kandahar, Saskatchewan, Canada is a small community of less than 50 people located on Highway 16, south of Big Quill Lake.  

     Kandahar, Saskatchewan is a quiet, peaceful place, quite different from the other Kandahar in Afghanistan.  

     The area is good farming country. There are several seed farms in the area and you will see all kinds of grain crops, irrigation systems, elk, cattle, sheep and horses.

     This is the best place to see Big Quill Lake, you can get the best views of Big Quill Lake from Highway 16 near Kandahar.

     This certainly is a big lake. Big Quill Lake is about 30 km long and 20 km wide, very salty and very shallow. 
     There are two industrial companies using the unique salty water, one makes fertilizer and the other makes fish food from salt water creatures harvested by local fishermen. 

      Kandahar, Saskatchewan, Canada is a small community of less than 50 people located on Highway 16, south of Big Quill Lake.

     The residents of Kandahar like the quiet life with lots of room and few distractions.
     They have to drive to larger towns such as Wynyard for groceries and medical care but there is employment in the area and that is important to everyone. 

    Tourists stopping to take pictures next to the Kandahar highway sign and drive thru the town keep things interesting. 

     There are few commercial services left in Kandahar, Sk but it was once home to the legendary Sam's Steakhouse, the best Chinese restaurant in Saskatchewan in the 1950s and 1960s. Even former Prime Minister John Diefenbaker knew of Sam's in Kandahar.



Below are a few aerial pictures of Kandahar taken in 2006, can you find where your family lived or the stores where you shopped?
There is a 1916 picture on the history page to compare to. 
Click on the pictures to enlarge them.


Kandahar aerial picture from NE Kandahar aerial picture from NW
These pictures are taken from the north. The railway tracks are in the foreground with Highway 16 around the far edge of the hamlet.

Kandahar aerial picture from SW Kandahar aerial picture from South Kandahar aerial picture from SE
These pictures show the Hamlet of Kandahar from the South. Highway 16 is in the foreground.